The Ionic System is an effective and cost-efficient way of providing high quality water for commercial refilling stations. Its very function provides a bacteriostatic media that inhibits the growth of bacteria in the final water purification process. By use of several processes of filtrations and an Ionizer system that serves as an electrolytic water generator, the system produces a bacteria-free Alkaline-ionized water.

The Negative ions emitted from the Ionizer, collide with other molecules - which are large rafts for hundreds of toxic chemical and diseases organisms. The negative ions give up their negative charge to particles. These new negative molecules are then attached to the positive molecules surrounding them. This accumulation process continues until the particles become heavy enough to be destroyed and remove the water supply. This process works effectively against biological contaminants, such as molds, mildew, dust mite, pollen, bacteria and viruses, etc., as well chemical contaminants like chlorine, pesticides, fungicides, organic gases, lead, asbestos, radon, etc.

Making Alkaline Water Yourself

Alkaline water is produced instantaneously and easily using electrolysis to spit filtered tap water into alkaline and acid water. The water ionizer machine was first developed in Russia in the early 1950's, then refined in Japan and approved for use as a medical device by the Health and Rehabilitation Ministry in January of 1966. It was then further refined by the South Koreans and has been approved by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare as a medical device to treat hospital patients, permit number #909.

Minerals found in municipal tap water are important. Common alkaline minerals are sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium; the common acid minerals are chlorine, lead, sulphur and phosphorous. The water ionizers has two chambers, with a positive and a negative electrode. When the process is complete, one chamber provides alkaline water with its ionized alkaline minerals. This is what we drink, the alkaline water that is so beneficial to health.

We suggest you simply try fresh alkaline water yourself. To have vibrant health and energy, drink alkaline - ionized healthy water!

Reduced Water:How it works in the Body

  • It helps enzyme activity that rehabilitates health.
  • It helps to improve the DNA helix structure.
  • It creates a good environment for the healthy cells in all organs.
  • It prevents mutation and cell differentiation.
  • It removes cancer and aged cell related to free radicals.
  • It decreases HDL and increase LDL.

It improves the condition of:

  • Bowel Sensitivity
  • Bronchitis, Asthma, Hives, Atrophy, Rhinitis
  • Kidney dysfunction
  • Frequency of jaundice in newborn babies
  • Stiff-shoulder muscular pain, low backache, dysfunction of the autonomic nerve, insomnia
  • High blood sugar in the early stage of diabetes
  • Diabetic gangrene (early stage)
  • Gout, high-uric acid (early stage)
  • Hepatitis cirrhosis of the liver (early stage)
  • Stomach ulcer, duodenum ulcer
  • Continuous diarrhea after stomach surgical removal

Other uses of Alkaline Reduced Water:

Tea Coffee

Tea: makes the color of the tea vivid, lessens its astringency, and makes it mellow and delicious.
Coffee: you can use less coffee grounds and still have the same flavor and strength.
Alcohol and water: imparts a mellow and delicious taste and prevents the negative physical reactions associated with drinking alcoholic beverages.


Cooked foods: the flavor of the foods is brought out well, and the food is tender. The taste comes out fully even with the amount of seasoning.
Cooked fish: the meat of the fish is firm and the shape is maintained.

Animals and Pets

Can be used as drinking water to maintain their health.
Healthier coat of fur
Less feces odor
Helps prevent skin disease and itching

Plants and Flowers

Live longer
Needs less water
Won't need pesticides
Extends the life of flowers