AQUA SPARKLETTS by Carlyn Nicole started its operation in the Philippines in the year 2000. Its initial business name was SPRING of YOUTH operating in Angeles City and after two years in operation, it had changed its name to AQUA SPARKLETTS under new management.

AQUA SPARKLETTS by Carlyn Nicole, a duly registered and recognized Philippine based company; it is in the business of providing high quality ionized Alkaline water for consumers. Our company has formed an alliance with a major water purification manufacturer (PUREWATER OF KOREA, a leader in the industry in water treatment technology, ionic, and water ionization), to provide our costumers nation wide with state-of-the-art point-of-use water conditioning equipment that will turn your water into liquid antioxidant. The body can more readily absorb the equipments’ reduced water, resulting from smaller molecules.

We are pleased to serve the nationwide community with our quality merchandise of innovative water purification products that are designed to meet the rigid standards of water quality.


  • To be among the leading nationwide suppliers of clean purified Alkaline-Ionized water, equipment, and systems for Alkaline water production.

  • To develop and encourage entrepreneurial spirit among self-motivated, free-spirited, independent individual who share the same passion to succeed, providing them with the opportunity to gain financial independence through our innovative programs.

  • To serve as a catalyst to persons wishing to become self-employed by providing the technology, equipment, and know how to enable them to do so.


Improvement of the quality of life is our ultimate desire. Conservation of a very valuable resource is one of our major goals. We had come to know that many "water re-filling stations" in the Philippines use an inordinate amount of water to produce a relatively small quantity of usable (portable) water. It is often stated among Reverse Osmosis (R.O) water companies that they "dump" from fifty (50) to eighty (80) of their raw water, as waste water, to produce a gallon of drinking water. The technology is currently available with our company to reverse this awesome, incredulous trend. As the population grows, stricter environmental standards and greater awareness of water-related issues will arise. We recognize that water quality and as well water quantity are problems facing us today. Our company hopes to fill a major void by offering quality, efficient, and effective water purification products to meet the needs of our residential and commercial costumers.

Our innovative and state-of-the-art products are the results of years and testing by Asian Scientists and have earned international recognition as quality products that are well designed, effective, and efficient. We are proud to offer our costumers, products that can meet their needs for purification systems that are both effective and affordable.